With Chaser I worked for almost seven months. It is a Fintech startup that through their AI software collects payments. I joined their Team fully remotely to help with various design tasks during maternity leave of their main Designer. My workload included design of: landing pages on HubSpot, icons and illustrations, fact sheets and guides, presentation decks, expo stands; and any adverts for social media and email newsletters.
"Zuzanna worked with us for 6 months at Chaser and her natural talent for design was obvious as soon as she started in the marketing team. She is a fantastic team player, patient, kind, and always open to taking on new tasks learning new skills". - Amaya Woods, Senior Growth Marketing Manager at Chaser
"Zuzanna is a very skilled designer whom I’ve been fortunate enough to work alongside at Chaser for the past 6 months. We worked on several successful projects together, including creating content guides, web pages and promotional assets for events. She is dedicated, positive, honest and was a great asset to our team at Chaser". - Inga Shibsted, Senior Marketing Executive at Chaser

home page redesign a/b testing

landing page design

iconography design

landing page design

fact sheet design

expo stand design

email header design

guides design

linkedin carrousel design

landing page design

illustrations design

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